The Librarian

You find yourself inside the entrance to a vast underground vault, a library which contains endless knowledge. Countless stone shelves strech off into the distance, and soon your guide arrives to show you around. He is short, even as dwarves go, and his long robes are as ancient as dusty as the library itself. His face is wrinkled and his eyes are filled with both wisdom and fatiuge. Only his long white beard dusts the ground here, and his voice reminds one of the sound ancient paper makes as you turn the page of an aged book.

"Welcome explorer, please come in and keep your voice down. Here in the hallowed halls of our library you may find that which you seek. Forbidden knowledge long kept from you by the rest of the world. There are but a few rules you must follow if you wish to access the tomes of our venerable library. Firstly if you be a human you must be over the age of 18, to continue any futher into our library is to confirm that you are of age. I must warn you that our books do not hold back any detail and our ancient scribes can be rather graphic and times. You will see accounts as they were without any suger coating the subject. Second if you take a book you must put it back, do not attempt to make any copys as that would infringe the rights of our clan. If you agree to follow these rules then I will happily serve as you guide, if not it is best you turn and head back from where you came at once."

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